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Lift-Assist Technology: The Solution for Your Aging in Place Remodel

Choosing shower seats for an aging in place remodel? Why not choose the easiest seats to lift! Seachrome’s exclusive, patented and innovative new Lift-Assist Technology ensures that every Seachrome shower seat offers more than ADA-compliant quality and style — they also offer unparalleled ease of use, by being easier to lift than other shower seats… Read more »


Introducing Our Revolutionary New Lift-Assist Technology for Total ADA Compliance

Choosing shower seats for an ADA-compliant residential or commercial project can be more challenging than you think. Many shower seats on the market today do not align with ADA standards. Thanks to our revolutionary and unique new Lift-Assist Technology, however, when you choose Seachrome shower seats, you can rest assured that they do.


5 Unique Ways to Repurpose Grab Bars

In the realm of home design, creative tips for organization and utility have always been welcome. And now, especially with up cycling on the rise, DIY and repurposing project popularity continues to increase, offering decor inspiration and solutions for day-to-day household frustrations. At Seachrome, we are inspired by this movement’s combination of convenience and style.… Read more »