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Top Bathroom Accessories for the Holidays

When redecorating your bathroom project for the holidays, it may seem like a huge project to transition the bathroom’s summer theme to a cozier feel. Instead of permanent remodeling measures such as painting walls, swap out summer bath accessories to more copper, bronze, and orange palettes.


Inspiration: All White Bathroom Accessories

Simplistic bathrooms are hard to achieve. There is a fine line between boring and sleek and what it really comes down to are the bath accessories. Whether you are designing for a modern all white bathroom, a grayscale minimalist bathroom, or a black tiled bathroom, these accessories will help create an edgy and simplistic look… Read more »


Turn A Bathroom Into a Modern Wetroom Design

Renovating a bathroom to include aspects of  wet room design has become the latest home trend. A wet room is essentially an open spaced shower in the bathroom, with the shower head placed in the center or against a single wall. The rest of the space gives designers a lot of creative freedom

Summer Decorating Bathroom tips

Bathroom Decorating Tips for Summer

Designing a bathroom doesn’t need to be a time consuming project. By simply changing the walls or using plants and functional accessories for decoration, you can transform a bathroom and make it stand out. We’ve compiled some decorating tips to help with your bathroom projects this summer.