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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

How to Pick Out the Perfect Bathroom Vanity

The heart of a bathroom is the vanity. Tall, long, wide or short, choosing the right vanity can make or break your bathroom design. With thousands of options, how do you go about choosing the perfect one? Here are our suggestions for picking a vanity that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

bathroom mirror design

How to Choose a Mirror For Your Bathroom Design

Mirrors are understated, but make such a difference to a bathroom’s aesthetic. With such a large selection of different styles to choose from, how do you go about choosing the best one for your design? We’ve categorized each style to help guide you select the perfect mirror!


Aging in Place Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

We love following interior designers on Facebook and Instagram because of all the inspiring photos of their designs and behind-the-scenes processes. We especially enjoy seeing aging in place designs in different styles. Here is a roundup of aging in place designers to follow for you to collect inspirations for your next bathroom project!


2017 Bathroom Interior Design Trends

This year, bathroom trends and features focus on functionality with clean and modern designs.  Natural elements and play on texture are also expected to be popular, with focuses on organic shapes and sustainability. We round up our favorite top trends this season as well as tips on how you can implement these in your next… Read more »