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Choosing shower seats for an aging in place remodel? Why not choose the easiest seats to lift! Seachrome’s exclusive, patented and innovative new Lift-Assist Technology ensures that every Seachrome shower seat offers more than ADA-compliant quality and style — they also offer unparalleled ease of use, by being easier to lift than other shower seats […]

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January is Bath Safety Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness around issues of safety for all ages. As relaxing as time spent in the tub can be, it’s also a notoriously slippery space. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing safety and security to your bathroom — without sacrificing style. With over fifty years in […]

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Choosing shower seats for an ADA-compliant residential or commercial project can be more challenging than you think. Many shower seats on the market today do not align with ADA standards. Thanks to our revolutionary and unique new Lift-Assist Technology, however, when you choose Seachrome shower seats, you can rest assured that they do.

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As America’s aging population rises, the demand for ADA-compliant bathrooms also increases. September is Healthy Aging Month, which makes it a great time to start the conversation about home construction or remodels with an eye towards aging-in-place design. At Seachrome, we’re experts in bathroom accessories that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); […]

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Here at Seachrome, Mike Sweetman is the guy you want to talk to when bringing an ADA-compliant bathroom from the blueprint to reality. He has worked with us for years as a Specification Sales Specialist so he’s well-versed in longstanding ADA practices and he’s up on the latest trends in the Bath & Toilet industry. […]

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