Accessible Designer Spotlight: LeAnne Lavender of Lavender Accessible Design

We sat down with LeAnne Lavender who recently launched Lavender Accessible Design, a consulting firm that specializes in creating beautifully designed spaces to accommodate users with a disability. While LeAnne and her husband Derek have always loved designing spaces, it wasn’t until Derek was in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the waist… Read more »


The Ideal Hospitality & Hotel Design Solution: Our Coronado Line

Designing for hotels and hospitality projects requires a certain balance. Architects and interior designers often find themselves sacrificing elegance for durability and function, especially when building accessible ADA-compliant bathrooms. Fortunately, with Seachrome, you never have to choose.


How Seachrome Can Help You Complete Your ADA Compliant Bathroom Checklist 

Architects know that total ADA compliance in the bathroom is imperative for commercial designs. As ADA experts, we understand the sometimes confusing world of measurements, regulations, and rules. In this story we break down what you need to know about achieving full ADA compliance in the bathroom while using our specially designed line of stylish,… Read more »