Simple Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

Getting your bathroom organized can be a huge challenge, especially when you’re working with a smaller space. Toiletries tend to get mixed together, wet towels stack up, and counters get crowded. If you’re running out of room and wasting time struggling to find the items you need for your morning routine, it’s time to consider… Read more »


Aging with Style: Dapper Older Couples

As a manufacturer of premium bathroom accessories that combine classic elegance with peace of mind, we’re big advocates of the aging in place movement. By making the choice to remain in their own homes as they grow older, retirees are able to show off their personal style with both the decor they choose in the… Read more »


Introducing New Silhouette Shower Seats

We’re pleased to announce three new additions to our Lifestyle and Wellness collection, a line of bathroom accessories that emphasizes sophisticated design and peace of mind. Our High-Backed and Low-Backed Silhouette shower seats come in a range of simple, elegant design options to fit into any residential decor scheme. Constructed from durable white phenolic material,… Read more »


Welcome to the The Dial, our New Blog

At Seachrome, we create elegant, timeless bathroom accessories that mean you’ll never have to sacrifice style for security. That’s why our new blog focuses on issues that matter in a clear, concise and simple manner.