Lift-Assist Technology: The Solution for Your Aging in Place Remodel


Choosing shower seats for an aging in place remodel? Why not choose the easiest seats to lift! Seachrome’s exclusive, patented and innovative new Lift-Assist Technology ensures that every Seachrome shower seat offers more than ADA-compliant quality and style — they also offer unparalleled ease of use, by being easier to lift than other shower seats on the market.

What is Lift-Assist? It’s a revolutionary technology unique to Seachrome that employs a user-friendly, patented spring-support mechanism engineered to seamlessly integrate into the design of our shower seats. This innovation makes Seachrome shower seats easier to lift than other accessibility seats on the market. Now all of our shower seats require less than five pounds of force to lift, regardless of seat size or seat top material.

Benefits include ease of use, peace of mind, versatile style, product quality, and reliable support in the shower. When designing aging in place home remodels where safety and peace of mind are at a premium, Seachrome is the clear choice for style and security that meet your evolving needs.