How to Repurpose Grab Bars


Whether you’re a designer, decorator or homeowner, there can never be enough ways to get organized around the house —especially when you can use items you already own to reorganize and declutter your space. Enter repurposing: there are so many ways to repurpose our products for increased efficiency at home! We’ve collected our favorite tips to make use of our sleek and functional grab bars to inspire your next organizational upgrade.


Install in the bathroom and add hooks to hang bath accessories.
Pictured: Newport Grab Bar With Towel Bar.



Install in the kitchen and add hooks to hang pot holders, kitchen utensils, pots and pans.
Pictured: Coronado Series Grab Bar.



Add hooks to a closet installation to hold scarves, bags and belts.
Pictured: Coronado Series Grab Bar.



Maximize an installation in the bedroom, closet or bathroom by adding hooks to hang jewelry.
Pictured: 700 Series Towel and Shelf Bar.